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Hinkelman, led by Creative Director Margaryta Hinkelman, ventured into the fashion industry, fueled by her artistic expression and a strong inclination to showcase the allure of feminine curves.

At the heart of the Hinkelman brand lies its distinctive offering, the "belt-basque." This remarkable accessory has the power to revolutionize any ensemble, elevating it to a realm of style and originality, while delicately accentuating the waist with an indelible silhouette. HINKELMAN 's motto, "The world spins around the waist," encapsulates her mission to instill a sense of empowerment in women, fostering a feeling of femininity, allure, and confidence. The brand caters to discerning individuals who value exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the profound significance of life's finer nuances.


The inspiration for creating the collection came from the vibrant girls of... 

Margaryta Hinkelman personifies passion and unwavering dedication, actively immersing herself in her brand and the beauty industry.

Embracing the philosophy of sustainable living, the brand's offerings extend an invitation to customers to embark on a shared journey of responsible consumption. Each item is meticulously crafted in Ukraine, employing skilled artisans and utilizing natural materials.